Language and Cognition People Directory

List of People
PhotoNameTitleLinkResearch Interests
Gerald AltmannGerry AltmannProfessor
https://altmann.lab.uconn.eduSentence processing, event cognition, and object representation
Christian BrodbeckChristian BrodbeckFall 2023 became Assistant Professor in the Department of Computing and Software, McMaster University neural basis of language and speech processing, cognitive neuroscience of language, speech perception, language perception in realistic contexts, and MEG/EEG
Silvia Clement-LamSilvia Clement-LamAssistant Research Professor
Anne Marie CrinnionAnne CrinnionGraduate Student
Computational models of speech, variation in speech
Lori GreshamLori GreshamAssistant Professor in Residence
Fumiko HoeftFumiko HoeftProfessor
Campus Director of UConn Waterbury
https://birc.uconn.eduNeurophysiology, systems and developmental cognitive neuroscience, neurobiological mechanisms, brain maturational processes, skill acquisition, neuroimaging, literacy, dyslexia
Photo missingOliver LasnickGraduate Student
Nathan LautzNathan LautzGraduate Student
Cognitive neuroscience of concepts, grounded cognition, semantic control, context effects in semantic memory
Hyosun LeeHyosun LeeGraduate Student
Cognitive modeling, Sentence processing, Complex systems
Wesley LeongWesley LeongGraduate Student
Event Cognition and Conceptual Processing in Language
Jessica LoyaJessica LoyaGraduate Student
Language acquisition in children, Heritage speakers
Eric LundquistEric LundquistAssistant Professor in Residence
Language and reading, history of psychology, statistics
Jie LuoJie LuoGraduate Student
Learning disabilities, Reading intervention, Neural mechanisms of reading development, Educational neuroscience, Developmental and educational psychology
James MagnusonJames MagnusonProfessor and psychology of language, processing, development, and disorders of spoken and written language, computational models, developing comprehensive understanding of language and learning over the lifespan, science communication
Wesley MedeirosWesley MedeirosGraduate Student
Cognitive neuroscience, speech production and comprehension, computational models of speech, neuromodulation
Emily MyersEmily MyersProfessor neuroscience of speech and language, aphasia, and speech perception
Kenneth PughKenneth PughProfessor of reading and reading ability
Jay RuecklJay RuecklProfessor
Reading, word identification, morphology, implicit and explicit memory, connectionist networks and dynamical systems
Naomi SellersNaomi SellersGraduate Student
Prediction and language error processing, intersection between language production and comprehension, understanding normative and impaired language processing.
Photo missingCaitlin SenniGraduate Student
Language assessment, language bias, language acquisition, language comprehension, and Theory of Mind
Whitney TaborWhitney TaborAssociate Professor and Director of Perception, Action, and Cognition in structured systems, theory of [dynamical systems, computation, grammar, neural networks], sentence processing, language change, group coordination
Rachel TheodoreRachel TheodoreAssociate Professor learning, phonetic variability, cognitive neuroscience, language acquisition
Portia WashingtonPortia WashingtonGraduate Student
Auditory and written language comprehension post-TBI, Culturally informed approaches to research, Open science, Aphasia
Emma WingEmma WingGraduate Student
Event cognition, Sentence processing, Morphosyntax
Eiling YeeEiling YeeAssociate Professor memory and the neural representation of concepts, spoken word recognition and language processing, the neural basis of language