Internships are work/learning experiences that give you the opportunity to apply your coursework to real-world problems and gain professional connections with employers.

Psychological sciences majors are encouraged to incorporate at least one internship in their academic plan, typically during their sophomore or junior year.

What is an internship?

Generally speaking, an internship is an experience outside of the classroom, that allows students to learn and explore the specifics of a certain career field.  Internships can be on or off campus, can be paid or unpaid, and can be for credit or not for credit.

What is the value of an internship?

Internships are invaluable when a student is considering their future career!  Here's the top reasons that students should prioritize one (or more) internships during their four years:

  1. Students gain transferrable skills, in a real world setting, that can be applied to ANY career/graduate program.
  2. Students can affirm their career goals and ensure that this is the right path for them
  3. Students can realize that their career goals are not for them and may need to switch gears - this is equally as important!
  4. Students will work closely with a site supervisor who could potentially write the student a letter of recommendation or be a reference.

Want to learn more?

Check out the video presentation below, by Dr. Kim Cuevas, Associate Professor in Psychological Sciences at the UConn Waterbury campus, where she describes the ins and outs of internships (please note that some steps are Waterbury specific - see below for steps specific to your campus).
Watch the video

Find an Internship

Psychological sciences students are encouraged to incorporate at least one internship in their academic plan. The sophomore/junior year is a great time to plan for an internship. Psych students who would like to earn credit for an internship can enroll in PSYC 3880 with permission from the undergraduate office. 

PSYC 3880 internship sites can be on or off campus and students are expected to locate their internship site independently. Students are encouraged to think about where they want to work in their career and with what populations. These things can help narrow down the locations for an internship. Students are also encouraged to discuss where they may want to intern with an advisor during appointment times.  Students interested in research opportunities outside of UConn, can earn credit for that experience via PSYC 3880.  Research conducted with UConn faculty will be awarded credit via PSYC 3899.

Once you know what type of place you want to intern with, there are a few of the best tips for finding and secure an internship: 

  1. View internship sites that students have interned at during past semesters below. 
  2. Google search the places in your area. Call them and ask if they are willing to take on an intern for the semester or a future semester. 
  3. Utilize the resources of the Center for Career Development to locate an available internship. 
  4. Utilize your connections! Ask a family member or friend if they are willing to take on an intern at their place of work. 

    Previous PSYC 3880 Internship Sites


    Mansfield Middle School, Storrs, CT 

    • Mansfield Middle School educates 550 students from grades 5-8. 
    • In the past, students have had hands-on duties which entailed collaborating with grade level teachers via team meetings, supporting facilitation of lunch groups,  supporting school counselor's work with the 4th to 5th grade transition activities (in spring semester), observing, and co-leading mediations. Students also collaborate with school psychologists and local youth service social workers. 

      Smith Middle School, Glastonbury, CT 

      • Smith Middle School educates students in grades 7-8. 
      • In the past, students have shadowed school social workers. They were able to sit in on meetings, such as discussions with guidance counselors, team meetings with teachers to discuss behavioral problems, and student groups and clubs, including peer mediation and social skills groups for students with disabilities. 

      Bristol Central High School, Bristol, CT 

      • Bristol Central High School promotes an environment wherein all members of its community become creative thinkers, conscientious problem-solvers, collaborative learners and committed citizens in a global society. 
      • In the past, students have shadowed a school counselor, tutored students, helped with college applications, assisted in school counseling class presentations, and sat in on PPTs and other school counseling related meetings (504 for example). They also had the chance to communicate with the school's psychologist and be exposed to special programs such as AVID and the alternative high school program (Bristol Prep). 
      • Contact School Counselor Elizabeth Reichler for more information. 

      Adlebrook Learning Center, Manchester, CT 

      • Adlebrook is a learning center that aims to meet the behavioral and developmental challenges of children, young adults, and families through its offerings of professional, educational, residential and therapeutic options. 
      • In the past, students have shadowed and assisted teachers in special education classroom settings where they were able to observe psychological abnormalities. 

      Intensive Education Academy, West Hartford, CT 

      • IEA is a school that serves children from kindergarten through high school. It provides programs for students with Autism, Developmental Delay, Dyslexia, Mild Emotional Disturbance, Intellectual Disability, Specific Learning Disability, Visual or Hearing Impairment, Orthopedic Impairment, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Disabilities, and/or OHI-ADD/ADHD. 
      • In the past, students have worked as TAs alongside a school psychologist and other faculty members. 
      • Contact School Psychologist Amanda Dyl for more information.  

        The Grace S. Webb School, Hartford, CT 

        • The Grace S. Webb School, part of the Institute of Living in Hartford, Connecticut, provides special education, clinical and related services to students in grades K-12. 
        • In the past, students have worked with teachers, clinicians, and psychiatrists regarding alterations in plans of action for each specific child as well as helping with de-escalation techniques. They worked directly with the children in their day-to-day activities. 

        First Year Programs and Learning Communities at UConn 

        • FYE mentors play key roles in assisting first-year students with the transition to UConn. As FYE mentors, students gain leadership, teaching, communication, peer counseling, planning, and presentation skills. Mentors work cooperatively with instructors to serve as role models for first-year students. They also serve as a peer resource that the students feel comfortable approaching at any time with questions or concerns. 
        • In the past, students have worked as TAs for a one credit UNIV class working with students who have been placed on academic probation. Duties of the student included creating weekly lesson plans, assisting with the syllabus, leading class sessions, grading assignments, developing assessments of learning through assignments, and meeting with the students nine times throughout the semester. 

        Washington Middle School, Meriden, CT 

        • Washington Middle School educates students in grades 6-8. 
        • In the past, students have sat in on meetings with parents, learned about specific paperwork and evaluations for school psychologists, and engaged in one on one and/or group therapy with students. 
        • Contact School Psychologist Erin Sember if you are interested in this internship. 

          Ashford School, Ashford, CT 

          • Ashford School is an elementary and middle school. 
          • In the past, students have worked with school counselors and school psychologists to better understand how both work within the school. These students have also sat in on meetings and facilitated lunch groups as well as helped prepare 8th graders for high school. 
          • Contact Principal/Assistant Superintendent Troy Hopkins or School Social Worker Alissa Tatro for more information.  

          Norwich Public Schools, Norwich CT 

          • In the past, students have sat in on meetings with parents, students and other faculty. They then debriefed these meetings with their supervisor. 
          • Contact School Psychologist Tiffany Meissen for more information. 

          Russian School of Mathematics, Wethersfield, CT 

          • In the past, students have been responsible for developing, planning and executing math lessons, and tracking the growth of students throughout the year. 

          Plainfield High School, Plainfield, CT 

          • In the past, students have worked with school counselors to better understand how they work within a school. 
          • Contact Guidance Counselor Emily Covill for more information.

          Family Resource Center at Woodrow Wilson School, Waterbury, CT

          • Students have assisted with weekly playgroups and talked with parents about their child's development.
          • Student have observed meetings about parent-child interactions and facilitated group activities with parents and their children.

          Connecticut Junior Republic SAFE/TPP Program, Torrington, CT

          • Students have facilitated after-school programs for students in 6th-12th grade: helped students with homework, served as a mentor, and ran group discussions on bullying, peer pressure, and SAT prep.

          Hartford City Mission: Noah After School, Hartford, CT

          • Students have observed counseling services to children ages 5-9 in an after-school program.
          • Students have helped children with homework, kept them on task, and participated in activities.

          Girl Scouts of Connecticut, Waterbury, CT

          • Students have conducted an anti-bullying program to elementary-aged girls which involved preparing curricula and materials.

          Windham Early Childhood Center, Windham, CT

          • Students have worked with school social worker in classrooms. Attended team meetings, observations, PPT's, and did home visits.
          • Contact Nusie Halpine, LCSW for more information.

          Jumpstart, Manchester, CT

          • Jumpstart is an early childhood education organization working towards the day every child in America enters kindergarten prepared to succeed. 
          • Students are able to go into schools and work with children directly with lesson planning, creating and leading activities, and working with small groups.
          • Contact Jacob Najarian for more information.

          Vernon Youth Services Bureau, Vernon, CT

          • Students have assisted Youth Services in their after school program by planning and implementing activities, serving as a positive role model, and attending juvenile review board meetings.
          • Contact Michelle Hill for more information.

          Kids In Crisis, Greenwich, CT

          • Kids in Crisis is a organization that builds healthy communities where children and families thrive through prevention, counseling, and crisis services available 24 hours every day.
          • Through this organization, students helped present the Safe Talk workshop to elementary school students in Fairfield County.
          • Students were responsible for engaging students in the assault prevention workshop.
          • Contact Kelly Phillips for more information.

          New Haven Public Schools, New Haven, CT

          • Students have worked with social worker and special education supervisors during group sessions and in classroom settings.
          • Students have also helped to support families who are trying to acquire outside services for their children.
          • Contact Johanna Samberg-Champion for more information.

            Counseling, Social Work, ABA/BCBA

            Kids Cooperate, Tolland, CT 

            • Kids Cooperate offers effective programming for children and families with anxiety, ADHD, and who are on the autism spectrum. Their services are comprised of Summer Camp, Social Skills Groups, Behavioral Support, and Parent Resources. 
            • In the past, students have been able to work hands-on in the program in group therapy settings where they work with clients to help them develop social and conflict management skills. The internship has allowed students to experience therapy-based psychology. Interns can also develop and implement curriculum ideas. 
            • Contact the Director of Programming Aaron Weintraub for more information.  

            Undergraduate Psychological Sciences Advising Office, Storrs, CT 

            • The Undergraduate Psychological Sciences Advising Office strives to provide accurate and individualized academic planning and support in an inclusive and welcoming environment. With an emphasis on holistic development, we utilize academic advising as a platform to promote academic responsibility and ownership, cultivate independent and confident thinking, and provide opportunities for students to learn, grow, and thrive. 
            • In the past, students have assisted with walk-in student questions, worked with students in FYE sections, helped with administrative and event tasks, shadowed advisor appointments, and gained department knowledge and experience. 
            • Psych majors interested in Peer Advising should look for a job posting in the Psych Digest, typically near the end of the semester.
              • Please note, the Psych office does not hire every semester.

              Educational Resources for Children (ERC), Enfield, CT  

              • ERC provides out-of-school academic, enrichment, and recreational activities for the children of Enfield and their families. 
              • In the past, students have worked as summer camp counselors with ERC in which they did activities that taught at-risk youth the importance of nutrition and physical activity as well as educational activities that aimed to reduce summer learning loss. 
              • Contact the Director of Operations David Meizels for more information. 

                Department of Children and Families (DCF), Norwich, CT 

                • DCF protects children who are being abused or neglected, strengthens families through support and advocacy, and builds on existing family and community strengths to help children who are facing emotional and behavioral challenges, including those committed to the Department by the juvenile justice system. 
                • In the past, students have observed and practiced case management intervention skills, as well as learned the assessment process through the various facets of the department that include investigations, out of home services, mental health services, permanency services, and foster care and adoption services. 

                Department of Children and Families (DCF), Willimantic, CT 

                • DCF protects children who are being abused or neglected, strengthens families through support and advocacy, and builds on existing family and community strengths to help children who are facing emotional and behavioral challenges, including those committed to the Department by the juvenile justice system. 
                • In the past, students have shadowed social workers at home visits, shelters, in court, during legal consults and forensic interviews, and attended considered removal meetings. Other duties included gathering history on case participants, calling in referrals to third-party agencies for drug screening and treatment, reading through intake narratives to create case histories, interviewing families for social and court studies, and attending training with the department. 
                • Contact Alexa Romer or Kristy Borders for more information.

                Strong Foundations, Vernon, CT 

                • Strong Foundations works with children from birth to age 18 who have been diagnosed with autism, Asperger Syndrome, PDD-NOS, social communication disorder and other related disabilities. They also serve children with mild to moderate language and cognitive delays. 
                • In the past, students have done 1 on 1 ABA therapy for children with developmental disabilities like ASD, PDD-NOS, and ADHD in a school like setting as well as in-home visits. 

                Wellspring Foundation, Bethlehem, CT 

                • Wellspring is a therapeutic and educational center dedicated to healing through relational approaches – to self, others, creation, and Spirit – which touch and bring forth the wellspring of personal being unique to everyone, giving hope to each person and family in our care. 
                • In the past, students have worked as milieu counselors at a residential treatment facility for girls ages 12 - 18 where they provided a safe setting where they could model good behaviors for girls with behavioral and psychological problems. They also attended therapeutic groups. 

                Community Solutions Inc, Johnson House, Hartford Connecticut 

                • Community Solutions, Inc. (CSI) provides residential services for the criminal justice population. Their programs serve state and federal work release and residential reentry center clients who are supported as they obtain full-time employment and meet financial, self-sufficiency, and family reunification goals.  
                • In the past, students have worked at a halfway house for women and children where they worked under Human Service Workes and handled client paperwork, medication, and any of supervisory duties that needed HSW approval. 

                  Copper Beech Institute, West Hartford, CT 

                  • Copper Beech Institute is a retreat center that focuses on mindfulness and contemplative practice. 
                  • In the past, students have helped with non-profit management, community outreach, and retreats. 
                  • Contact Alexis Vatteroni for more information or if you are interested.  

                    Butterfly Effects, Manchester & Hartford, CT 

                    • Butterfly Effects provides in home Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy to children with autism and their families. 
                    • Contact Geoffrey Creed for more information. 

                      Community Partners in Action, Hartford, CT 

                      • Community Partners in Action focuses on behavior change, advocating for people, and justice reform. CPA's employment, basic needs, and recovery services work together to reduce recidivism & enhance public safety. 
                      • Contact program manager Tony McLendon for more information.  

                        New Life Counseling and Mental Health, Bloomfield, NJ (remote internship) 

                        • New Life Counseling and Mental Health provides behavioral counseling to youths, adolescents and their families. 
                        • The services are delivered through intensive in-community behavioral counseling that includes therapy, behavioral assistance, tutoring, mentoring and parent coaching. 
                        • Interested students can contact New Life Counseling 

                          The Growing Tree Institute, Manchester, CT 

                          • The Growing Tree Institute works 1:1 with children on the Autism Spectrum providing ABA therapy, either in-home or at the clinic in Manchester.  
                          • Students will teach a variety of skills, including pre-academic skills, activities of daily living, communication, social, and coping skills. Comprehensive training is provided. 
                          • Interested students can contact the Growing Tree Institute or Erin Flanagan at

                            Community Child Guidance Clinic, Manchester, CT 

                            • Students have assisted in planning and implementing activities to support children who require higher levels of care due to behavioral disturbances. 
                            • Students will help children gain skills in emotional regulation, coping, and interpersonal communication. 
                            • Interested students can apply for an internship. 

                            Boys and Girls Village, Milford, CT

                            • Students have shadowed case managers in the field, observed and took notes on foster children's behavior, and attended care management trainings.

                            Immaculate Conception Shelter and Housing Corporation, Hartford, CT

                            • Students have shadowed case managers and interacted with clients with varied psychosocial issues.

                            Day Kimball Healthcare, Putnam, CT

                            • Students have performed research and community tasks related to child abuse at a child abuse advocacy center.

                            YMCA Sexual Assault Crisis Service, New Britain, CT

                            • Students have participated in Counselor Advocate Training in preparation to counsel and advocate for victims of sexual assault on the SACS Hotline.
                            • Students have also assisted with organizing SACS's annual 5K.

                            Friends in Service to Humanity of Northwestern Connecticut, Torrington, CT

                            • Students have assisted the executive director and case managers.
                            • Students have worked in the food pantry, greeting area, and homeless shelter, and planned the Veterans Stand Down event.

                            Family Resource Associates, Shrewsbury, NJ

                            • Students have worked with individuals with developmental disabilities.

                            Community Solutions, Hartford, CT

                            • Students have worked with clients living in a halfway house: supervised client computer lab usage, reviewed resumes, and helped to conduct job searches.

                            Continuum of Care, New Haven, CT

                            • Students have worked with clients with co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness living in a group home: wrote rehabilitation plans, observed group sessions, and helped with client intake.

                            United Services, Inc., Mansfield, CT

                            • Various mental health services for different populations, including addiction, domestic violence, family services, and more.
                            • Students have worked with clients by conducting mental health assessments to connect them to necessary resources including case management, substance abuse treatment, mental &behavioral health treatment, and also provide temporary treatment. Additionally, students have worked alongside crisis clinicians to assess individuals.
                            • Interested students can reach out to Kristina Glaude at

                            Perception Programs, Inc.,  Willimantic, CT 

                            • Perception Programs promotes wellness through innovative and holistic behavioral health care for individuals and the community.
                            • In the past, students have helped manage court mandated programs for clients who have had an on-going court involvement in addition to behavioral health or substance use concerns including monthly reporting, assisting the engagement specialist and case managers with client outreach, and documentation of phone calls and client needs
                            • Interested students can reach out to Jessica Janczyk at and check indeed for internship listings. 

                            CCSN Behavioral Health, Glastonbury, CT

                            • Servicing individuals with complex learning and medical abilities (18 months - 20 years).  The site is a clinic for patients to come and receive ABA therapy throughout the day under the supervision of a BCBA.
                            • In the past, students have been trained as behavior technicians, where they can implement treatment plans by teaching teaching patients through behavior analytic approaches, taking empirical data, and then troubleshooting when needed.
                            • Interested students can reach out to:

                            FamilyWise Behavior Solutions, Groton, Colchester, Windham, CT

                            • Students have worked with children with autism spectrum disorder on ABA therapy to help teach social, emotional, and academic skills.
                            • Students shadowed to learn clinic protocols, insurance protocols, and ABA terms and techniques.
                            • Contact Cory Mastandrea for more information

                            Hospitals, Medical Centers, Clinics

                            Natchaug Hospital, Mansfield Center, CT 

                            • The hospital's 57-bed facility in Mansfield Center, Connecticut, provides inpatient care for over 650 children and adolescents and 1,300 adults with mental illness or substance abuse issues each year. Journey House, a 13-bed residential treatment center for adolescent girls, is also operated by Natchaug Hospital on its Mansfield campus. 
                            • In the past, students have assisted mental health workers at the hospital in leading group activities for adolescents leaving hospitalization. 
                            • Contact Program Director Jonathan Watts and read the program handbook for more information.  
                            • Additional contact information: Abigail Litrenta, LCSW

                            UConn Health, West Hartford, CT 

                            • UConn Health of West Hartford offers services in Primary Care, Family Medicine, Infectious Diseases, International Traveler’s Medicine, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry (Child and Adolescent), and Psychology 
                            • In the past, students have worked under the supervision of clinical psychologists and participated in daily clinical research activities such as data entry, developing protocols, becoming familiar with IBB application and conducting research
                            • Contact Dr. Rocio Chang for more information.   

                            Rockville General Hospital, Vernon, CT 

                            • In the past, students have worked as psychiatric technicians in an inpatient eating disorder unit with tasks including checking patient vital signs, safety checks, room assessments, assisting patients during meals and snacks, and more.  

                            L.E.O Clinic, Hartford, CT 

                            • LEO Clinic is a community-based children's mental health, primary care, and general dentistry clinic that offers wraparound services to children and adolescents, 
                            • Students have worked alongside clinicians with youth psychosocial interventions and activities at the Extended Day Treatment Program at the clinic. 
                            • Contact Carlos Marrero by email or call (860) 249-0975, Ext. 2, for more information.  

                            Backus Hospital, Norwich, CT 

                            • In the past, students have observed therapeutic communication between the medical team and palliative care team as they explained medical facts, care options, and provided support for patients and their families in case of serious illness.  
                            • Students experienced the opportunity to negotiate challenging communication with people facing adversity on a variety of levels. 
                            • Contact Suzanne Smith by email or call (860) 889-8331, Ext. 7531, for more information.  

                            Perception Programs Inc. Behavioral Health Center, Storrs, CT 

                            • The Storrs Behavioral Health Center (BHC) offers individual, couples, and family therapy. Services offered include movement therapy, mindfulness meditation, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), and medication management. 
                            • For more information on this internship contact 

                            Wellmore Behavioral Health, Waterbury, CT

                            • Students have shadowed clinicians servicing children 4-18 years of age experiencing problems with trauma, depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, self-harm, and family communication problems.
                            • Students have observed therapy sessions and participated in weekly rounds and team meetings.

                            New Directions of North Central Connecticut, Enfield, CT

                            • Students have scheduled intake evaluations at addiction treatment facility, conducted daily observed urine and hair toxicology screens, entered data, and conducted client discharge meetings.

                            Genesis Health Care, Agawam, MA

                            • Students have completed clinical rotations in a skilled nursing and rehab facility with long-term, short-term, and dementia units.
                            • Students have conducted psychological evaluations and intake and exit interviews.
                            • Students have participated in dementia training.

                            Rushford, Meriden, CT

                            • Students have planned and facilitated clinical group therapy and psych-education sessions as well as taken notes for each client in the group sessions.

                            Manchester Memorial Hospital, Manchester, CT

                            • Students have observed adolescent and adult sessions with the psychiatrist, nurses, and social workers.
                            • Students have participated in team meetings to discuss patient progress and shadowed the psychiatrist in the ER when evaluating and admitting patients to the Behavioral Health Unit.

                            UConn Health Center Correctional Managed Health Care, Farmington, CT

                            • Students have met with senior leaders to understand different roles in overseeing health care delivery for inmates.
                            • Students have visited correctional facilities to see health care service delivery and put together annual reviews of key statistics.

                            Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Farmington, CT

                            • Students have helped plan fundraising events and coordinated with schools about Kid's Walk program.

                            NICABM, Storrs, CT

                            • Students have created content, communicated with customers, and compiled research for continuing education of mental health professionals.

                            UConn Health Academic Medical Center, Farmington, CT 

                            • At the UConn Health Center in department of psychiatry, students have worked in the aging and cognition research center to assist on assessment and patient care. 
                            • Students learned ho to administer and score neuropsychological tests on older adult patients who are suffering from cognitive impairments and/or depression
                            • Contact Kevin Manning for more information

                            UConn Health Center for Treatment of Developmental Trauma Disorders, Farmington, CT 

                            • The University of Connecticut Center for Treatment of Developmental Trauma Disorders brings together developers of leading evidence-based child developmental trauma treatments to support providers nationally to achieve competence in the assessment and treatment of children and youth who have experienced developmental traumas.
                            • Students have previously been involved in working on webinars and social media to spread awareness for this organization.
                            • Contact Riley Theriault, Meadow Pallein, or Caitlin Sullivan for more information.

                            Law & Law Enforcement

                            Fairfield Police Department, Fairfield, CT 

                            Plainville Police Department, Plainville, CT 

                            • The police department employs thirty-seven full time sworn officers, six civilian dispatchers, one full time animal control officer, two part time animal control officers, two records clerks, and one administrative assistant. In addition they have six part time school crossing guards. 

                            Old Saybrook Department of Police Services, Old Saybrook, CT 

                            Windsor Police Department, Windsor, CT 

                            • In the past students have participated in ride alongs, collecting evidence at crime scenes, and helping the police station with its website. 

                            Department of Energy and Environmental Protection: State Environmental Conservation Police, Hartford, CT 

                            • In the past students have interned with a focus in the criminal justice aspect of this department where they have analyzed police data, observed everyday police force operations, and gained a deeper understanding of the criminal justice system. 

                            The Children's Law Center of Connecticut, Hartford, CT 

                            • Interns will get an opportunity to shadow attorneys in court, perform intakes for our legal hotline, provide case management support, interview clients, assist in preparing court documents, and observe mediations. 
                            • Student internships are geared towards their desired career paths through ongoing training and monthly mentoring meetings. Students are encouraged to work with multiple attorneys on staff so that they can have a range of different experiences. 

                            CT Judicial Branch: Office of Adult Probation, Willimantic, CT 

                            • Adult probation services provide supervision of court-sentenced individuals while maintaining public safety. Adult probation services develop, implement, and expand supervision strategies, techniques, and specialized adult supervision programs to change offender behavior and reduce recidivism. 
                            • In the past, student's weekly responsibilities included: weekly meetings with clients to discuss progress, terms of probation and court ordered sanctions; drafting arrest warrants based on the instances of probation violation; entering various case notes regarding clients into automated system; scheduled appointments with both clients and treatment providers; and performing various office duties such as filing paperwork. 
                            • Students can apply through the Connecticut Judicial Branch website if interested.  

                            Tolland Judicial District State Attorney's Office, Rockville, CT 

                            • In the past, students have served as communication liaisons between victims of domestic violence and the prosecutors as well as observed court room activities. 

                            Law Offices of Edward J. Joy, Manchester, CT

                            • In the past, students have met with clients, attended court hearings in several courts, observed jury trials, and engaged with living wills and power of attorneys for clients.

                            Division of Public Defender Services, Danielson, CT 

                            • The Connecticut Division of Public Defender Services promotes and protects the rights, liberty and dignity of all clients entrusted to them as well as commits to a holistic representation that recognizes clients as individuals, fosters trust, and prevents unnecessary and wrongful conviction. 
                            • In the past, students have assisted with investigations by conducting client and field interviews. 
                            • Contact George Flores who has worked with UConn students in the past by email or call (860) 779-5860 for more information. 

                            Division of Public Defender Services, Rockville, CT 

                            • In the past, students have filled out public defender applications to determine eligibility, assisted with simple investigation/defense interviews, as well as observed court room activities. Students have also helped social workers with releases of information and records. 
                            • The DPDS will expect administrative assistance in addition to working to help clients. Interns must complete an orientation process in Hartford. 
                            • Contact Public Defender David Channing for more information. 

                            Groton Town Police Department, Groton, CT 

                            • In the past, students have participated in ride alongs, and helped with projects and at crime scene investigations. 
                            • Contact Jeannie Vislosky for more information. 

                              Tolland Judicial District State Attorney's Office, Rockville, CT 

                              • In the past, students have served as communication liaisons between victims and prosecutors as well as observed the courtroom. 
                              • Contact Matt Gedansky for more information. 

                              UConn Police Department, Storrs, CT 

                              • In the past, students have assisted within the community outreach branch and the husky watch program. 
                              • Contact Rachael Levy for more information. 

                              Warren County Probation Department, Lake George, NY

                              State of Connecticut Department of Corrections

                              • Students have interacted with inmates and a variety of staff such as counselors, correctional officers, social workers, addiction services, and psychiatrists.

                              Norwich Police Department, Norwich, CT

                              • Students have shadowed officers on patrol, and sometimes allowed to exit the cruiser and enter the scene depending on the severity.
                              • Students have listened in on calls, observed report writing, assisted with the hiring process, and participated in special police training days.

                              State of Connecticut Division of State Police, Tolland, CT

                              • Students have filed case files and DWI reports, organized ticket and summons books, and rode along with troopers on patrol.

                              Newington Police Department Patrol and Records Division, Newington, CT

                              • Students have rode along with officers on shift and conducted data entry in the records division.

                              U.S. Secret Service White Plains Resident Office, White Plains, NY

                              • Students have assisted with the investigation of financial crimes.

                              CT Department of Corrections, Robinson Correctional Facility, Enfield, CT

                              • Students have assisted on classifying and identifying inmates risk/needs and observed inmate counseling groups.
                              • Students have observed how inmates use their time while incarcerated and learned about how to assign them to appropriate programs and housing.
                              • Contact Dan Bartley for more information.

                              Perception Programs, Inc. Willimantic , CT

                              • Perceptions Programs Inc. provides behavioral healthcare for many communities such as family therapy, medication management, and risk reduction for criminally involved clients.
                              • Students have worked in the Alternative in the Community (AIC) Program to assist on the case management of criminal justice-involved clients.
                              • Students were responsible for contacting referral sources like bail and probation offices and documented meeting notes with clients.
                              • Contact Katherine Sanders for more information.

                              Human Resources

                              National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM), Storrs, CT 

                              • NICABM develops online psychotherapy educational programs. 
                              • Students have worked on developing programs for mental health professionals, creating transcripts for customers, and tracking how promotions and sales were doing in the market. 
                              • Contact Brandon Parenteau, Director of Operations, for more information. 

                                Stanley Access Technologies, Farmington, CT 

                                • Stanley Access Technologies is a division of Stanley Security Solutions and is a door manufacturer. 
                                • In the past, students have worked as human resources interns whose responsibilities included interviewing and recruiting applicants to meet corporate HR needs, leading nationwide New Hire Orientation calls, becoming proficient in internal employee systems such as PeopleSoft, and creating weekly and monthly reports. 

                                The Village for Families and Children, Hartford, CT 

                                • The Village provides a full range of behavioral health, early childhood and youth development, substance use treatment and support services for children, adults, and families in the Greater Hartford, Connecticut region.  
                                • Students have worked directly with the Human Resources team to execute a number of projects including aiding in talent management initiatives, new employee orientations, and employee engagement. Students have found this internship helpful and applicable to areas of psychology such as industrial/organizational psychology. 
                                • Contact Nadia Anderson by email or call (860) 236-4511 for more information.  

                                Winchester Interconnect, Dayville, CT 

                                • Winchester Interconnect is a global leader in the design and manufacture of connectors, cable, cable assemblies, and custom interconnect solutions. 
                                • Students have had the opportunity to be involved in various Human Resources projects and have worked on industrial/organizational projects that included computing and analyzing survey data in effort to better the company moving forward. Students have had the opportunity to present the project results at the corporate office. 
                                • Contact Jasmine McIntyre by email or call (860)227-2873 for more information.  

                                Wolcott Town Hall, Wolcott, CT 

                                • In the past, students have worked directly as an assistant with Human Resources personnel, labor attorneys, and the mayor, among others, to discuss the new employment handbook, review union contracts, and participate in employment law webinars. Students will gain experience in human resources and employment law. 
                                • Contact Amy Desaulniers by email or phone: (203) 879-8100, Ext. 102.   

                                  Wildlife Conservation Society  

                                  • Wildlife Conservation Society is the world’s premier wildlife conservation organization with a record of achieving innovative, impactful results.  
                                  • Under the guidance and direction of an experienced HR manager, students work on projects that contribute to the execution of a global talent strategy.  Through meaningful assignments and regular feedback and coaching, students develop skills and knowledge relevant for an emerging HR professional. 
                                  • Interested students can apply by visiting the WCS website and searching "WCS Internship."
                                  • Contact Ronette Wright for more information. 

                                    TSC Enterprise and Federal Aviation Administration, Suitland, MD (can be virtual) 

                                    • TSC provides businesses with expertise in accounting, auditing, and taxes. 
                                    • Duties include newsletter development, website content management, providing explanation of benefits and policies, and compiling information for presentations and reports. 
                                    • Contact Bianca Johnson for more information.


                                      The Consultation Center at Yale University, New Haven, CT 

                                      • The Center’s mission is to promote health and wellness, prevent mental health and substance abuse problems, and enhance equity and social justice. 
                                      • In the past, students have worked at the center in conjunction with the Partnership for Early Education Research Program at Yale. 
                                      • In this position the student synthesized research and helped compile resources for the program's newsletter 

                                      State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Hartford, CT 

                                      • The DMHAS Research Division is a nationally recognized leader among state mental health and substance abuse agencies. The Research Division is primarily staffed by UConn research personnel and conducts studies on a variety of behavioral health programs and topics. 
                                      • In the past, students have been responsible for data entry, filing, assisting in report writing, and literature searches. 
                                      • Contact Eleni Rodis for more information. 

                                      Yale University Program for Recovery and Community Health, New Haven, CT 

                                      • Students assisted in research on the the Imani Project which involved the implementation of a community-based, peer, opioid treatment intervention.
                                      • In addition, students assisted on the Recovery Finance research team that addresses financial challenges of formerly incarcerated individuals with mental health challenges.
                                      • Students were responsible for attending meetings, conducting literary reviews, and observing the [protocols for randomized clinical trials.
                                      • Contact Kimberly Blackman for more information.


                                      CREC: Birth to Three Program, Wethersfield, CT 

                                      • The Birth to Three program operates in the north-central region of Connecticut under the auspices of the state Department of Developmental Services. This program offers home and community-based early intervention services to infants and toddlers who have delays or disabilities and their families. 
                                      • In the past, students have shadowed Occupational Therapists. 

                                      Horizons: Summer Camp, Windham, CT 

                                      • Horizons is a non-profit camp dedicated to children and adults with developmental disabilities. 
                                      • In the past, students have been responsible for living with a group of campers and looking after their general safety and needs while ensuring a fun camp experience. 

                                      Special Olympics Connecticut, Hamden, CT 

                                      • Special Olympics Connecticut is a branch of the Special Olympics organization that provides year-round sports training for those with intellectual disabilities. 
                                      • In the past, students have been responsible for organizing events, pulling permits, fundraising, and attending events for the Special Olympics. 
                                      • Contact Jackie Turro  for more information. 

                                      Endeavor Therapeutic Horsemanship, Bedford Corners, NY  

                                      • Endeavor Therapeutic Horsemanship Inc.’s mission is to empower individuals with a broad range of needs by providing the highest quality equine-assisted services in an inclusive and welcoming environment. 
                                      • In the past, interns have been able to work with youth with special needs and at-risk factors to help the organization in their mission.  
                                      • Contact Endeavor for more information.  

                                      Copper Beach Institute, West Hartford, CT 

                                      • Copper Beech is a global community of practice that aims to cultivate mindfulness, compassion, and resilience so you can reconnect with the things that matter most. 
                                      • They will be looking for interns in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. 
                                      • Contact the Copper Beech Institute for more information.  

                                      The Alzheimer's Association, Southington, CT 

                                      • The Alzheimer's Association leads the way to end Alzheimer's and all other dementia by accelerating global research, driving risk reduction and early detection, and maximizing quality care and support. 
                                      • Students can engage in the areas of care and support, advocacy, fundraising and events, and marketing and communications. 
                                      • Contact Christy Kovel, Director of Public Policy, for more information. 

                                        Glory Chapel Family Outreach, Central Village, CT 

                                        • Glory Chapel Family Outreach is a sister church of Glory Chapel International Cathedral Hartford, ministering to families and individuals throughout northeastern Connecticut. 
                                        • Contact Esther Gonzalez Torres at (860) 728-5199 (available Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) if interested. 

                                        Camp Wediko, Windsor, New Hampshire

                                        • Camp Wediko is a therapeutic summer program for children ages ages 8-18 with emotional and behavioral struggles the opportunity to go away to camp and work on their addressed needs.
                                        • Staff are required to monitor children at all times, maintain individualized checklists, provide social phone calls to parents and provide whatever additional services they may need such as laundry, food, medical assistance, etc.
                                        • Contact Jessica Luddy at if interested

                                        UConn Hillel, Storrs, CT

                                        • Students have planned a series of women-focused programming, which required speaking to venders, negotiating prices, and publicizing events.

                                        UConn Community Outreach, Storrs, CT

                                        • Students have worked on many initiatives to connect mentors to mentees, as well as took part in conferences and centers around campus.
                                        • Contact Miguel Colon at if interested

                                        National "C" Club, Storrs, Connecticut

                                        • The National C Club is an elite organization comprised solely of former student-athletes and managers who have earned a Varsity Letter in one of UConn's 24 recognized athletic teams.
                                        • In the past, students have helped organize and run events, update social media sites, update "athletes network," update alumni engagement data, update student-athlete data, and serve as a liaison between the National "C" Club and other alumni groups on campus
                                        • Interested students can reach out to Kevin Freeman at

                                        Earning Course Credit

                                        Psych students who would like to earn credit for an internship can enroll in PSYC 3880 with permission from the undergraduate office. PSYC 3880 internship sites can be on or off campus.

                                        Enrollment Instructions

                                        Storrs Students

                                        In order to register for PSYC 3880, Storrs students should complete the following steps: 

                                        1. Find and solidify your internship site and site supervisor. 
                                        2. Complete the Permission Number Request Process for adding Internship Credits
                                          1. All internship students need a faculty sponsor. Dr. Chrobak will serve as your faculty sponsor.
                                        3. Upon approval of the site location, a member of the Undergrad Psych Advising Office will assist you with registering. 
                                          1. Please let your site supervisor know to lookout for a confirmation email from our office.

                                        A note about the Crime & Justice minor internship:

                                        1. Psych majors with a CJ minor will enroll in PSYC 3880 for their CJ minor internshipThis internship MUST be relevant and include daily crime and justice topics.
                                          1. Read the parameters of the CJ minor internship.
                                          2. Be sure to clearly communicate your internship is for the CJ minor, as additional approvals are necessary.
                                        2. This internship requirement must total 3 credits.
                                          1. This can be one internship over the course of one semester for 3 credits or this can be multiple approved internships for varying credit over several semesters, as long as the total is 3 credits.
                                        3. Credits cannot be earned retroactively.  Meaning, a student cannot enroll in PSYC 3880 for a fall semseter, when they completed their internship hours in the previous summer.

                                              Questions? Email

                                              Stamford Students

                                              In order to register for PSYC 3880, Stamford students should complete the following steps: 

                                              1. Find and solidify your internship site and supervisor. 
                                              2. Complete the Learning Agreement with internship site supervisor, including signatures. 
                                                1. Instructions for PDF: Please download the PDF, Save As to your desktop, ex out of the document, open the document back up from the desktop. Now you can write in it, Save As with a new title to your desktop. 
                                                2. Dr. Leslie Burton will serve as the Faculty Sponsor. 
                                              3. Students can email the completed form to Megan Lucia, in addition, students should request that their site supervisor email Megan to confirm the internship. 
                                              4. Upon approval of the site location, Megan will assist you with registering. 

                                                   Questions? Email Megan at 

                                                  Waterbury Students

                                                  In order to register for PSYC 3880, Waterbury students should complete the following steps: 

                                                  1. Find and solidify your internship site and supervisor. 
                                                  2. Complete the Learning Agreement with internship site supervisor, including signatures.
                                                    1. An email from a supervisor to your PSYC Faculty Sponsor is acceptable in place of their signature.
                                                    2. Instructions for PDF: Please download the PDF, Save As to your desktop, ex out of the document, open the document back up from the desktop. Now you can write in it, Save As with a new title to your desktop. 
                                                  3. All internship students need a PSYC Faculty Sponsor.
                                                    1. At Waterbury, Dr. Treadwell, Dr. Cuevas, or Dr. Astur are potential PSYC Faculty Sponsors.
                                                    2. Ask one of them if they are willing to serve as your Faculty Sponsor.  Arrange a meeting to discuss the PSYC 3880 Learning Contract and course responsibilities.
                                                  4. Students can email the completed form their Waterbury PSYC Faculty Sponsor.
                                                  5. Upon approval of the site location, your Faculty Sponsor will assist you with registering.

                                                  Questions? Email your Waterbury PSYC Faculty Advisor - Dr. Astur, Dr. Cuevas, or Dr. Treadwell.

                                                      Avery Point and Hartford Students

                                                      Students should reach out to their assigned advisor to discuss enrolling in PSYC 3880.

                                                      Credits and Grading


                                                      Students can earn anywhere from 1-6 credits for their internship (no more than 6 credits per semester). The number of credits is determined by the number of hours worked per week per specific term. Use the grid below to determine how many credits you should register for. Typically, students will register for 3 credits of an internship during a regular (fall or spring) semester. 

                                                      Students can enroll in PSYC 3880 during the summer and winter semesters. However, costs for credits during these times can be in addition to the regular year. Students should work with Student Financial Aid Services and/or the Bursar's office regarding any questions about payment. For students who are short a few credits, a summer internship is a great way to catch up. Students who are on track to graduate and who do not want to pay additional for a summer internship are encouraged to continue with the internship, but for no credit. 

                                                      PSYC 3880 internships cannot exceed 6 credits per semester. In addition, students can earn only 15 credits max of PSYC 3880 towards the 120 total credits needed to graduate.

                                                      Credits Hours Per 14 Week Term (Fall & Spring) Hours Per 10 Week Term (Summer 3) Hours Per 5 Week Term (Summer 1 & 2) Hours Per 3 Week Term (Winter & May Intersession) Total Required Hours Per Term
                                                      1 3 4 8 14 42
                                                      2 6 8.5 17 28 84
                                                      3 9 12.5 25 42 126
                                                      4 12 17 34 - 168
                                                      5 15 21 42 - 210
                                                      6 18 25 - - 252


                                                      PSYC 3880 is graded Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. It is for this reason that PSYC 3880 cannot be used towards the psychological sciences major requirements. 

                                                      In order to receive a Satisfactory grade, students must: 

                                                        All grading details are discussed with students upon enrolling in PSYC 3880.