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Seminars and Event Series

Department Research Programs

Behavioral Neuroscience Seminars

Thursdays at 4:00 p.m.
Bousfield Psychology Building, Room 160

If you have speaker suggestions, questions, or would like to receive email announcements, please contact

Spring 2022

Feb 3
Jun Zhuang (Allen Institute)
Laminar distribution and arbor density of two functional classes of thalamic inputs to primary visual cortex

Feb 10
Natale Sciolino (UConn Department of Physiology and Neurobiology)
Locus Coeruleus Neurons Encode Hunger-Regulated Motivational States Related to Feeding

Feb 24
Student Talk: Matt Jane
The Covariation between Cognitive Ability and Sensory Discrimination: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Mar 3
Student Talk: Alev Ecevitoglu
Effects of the Atypical Antipsychotic and D3/D2 Antagonist Cariprazine on Effort-based Choice

Mar 10
Evan Hart (NIH/NIDA)
Information content in single-photon calcium signal recordings is impoverished compared to traditional single unit recordings

Mar 24
Student Talk: Matt Reck
Cannabinoid approaches to reducing histamine-induced pruritus

Student Talk: Carl Rodriguez
MAGL inhibition attenuates Post-surgical pain in mice

Mar 31
Student Talk: Gayle Edelstein
Detailed Characterization of the Effects of the Vesicular Monoamine Transporter-2 Inhibitor Tetrabenazine

Student Talk: Sonya Srynath
Exploring Possible Sex Differences in the Effort-related Actions of Drugs Affecting Dopamine Transmission

Apr 7
Rosangela Platt (UConn)
Directional selective neurons in LGN: Searching for rules of thalamocortical connectivity

Apr 14
Student Talk: Niki Meka
Assessment of the effort-related motivational effects of modafinil analogs from NIDA laboratories

Student Talk: Amy Zeigelmeier
Phosphodiesterase and nicotine self-administration in animal models: A review of Ciccocioppo et al. 2021

Apr 28
Student Talk: Noah Raffone
The Role of Adenosine Receptors in Mediating Effects of Low Concentrations of Ethanol

May 5
Student Talk: Chris Babigian

PSYC 5200 and Student Presentations

The seminars are open to any interested faculty, staff, and students. However, behavioral neuroscience (BNS) graduate students are required to take four semesters of seminar (PSYC 5200) for credit. The major goal of the course is to give students a chance to practice presenting and get feedback on their research. Senior graduate students and advanced/honors undergraduates working in BNS/PNB labs may also register.


Burroughs Wellcome Fund – Communicating Science: Giving Talks

Ten Simple Rules for Making Good Oral Presentations – PLoS Computational Biology

Giving an Academic Talk – Jonathan Shewchuk

10 Tips for Academic Talks – Matt Might

Developmental Psychology Brown Bag

Fridays at 12:20-1:10 p.m.
Bousfield Psychology Building, Room A106 or virtual.

Announcements will be made at the beginning of each event. To share an announcement with the group, please fill out this form.

For questions or to request a link for virtual events, please contact

Spring 2023

Jan. 20
Dr. Rose Schneider, Sr. Researcher, Blink UX
Finding your way from academia to industry
Virtual only

Jan 27
Developmental Psychology Alumni Panel for Grads and RAs
Virtual only

Feb. 3
Dr. Rhiannon Smith and Dr. Marie Coppola, University of Connecticut
Study Recruitment Info Session

Feb. 19
Katelyn Pitcher, DEV grad student
Age of identity realization among asexual and non-asexual LGB youth and associations with wellbeing

Feb. 24
Jonas Miller, assistant professor of psychological sciences, University of Connecticut

March 3
Dr. Micheal Sandbank, assistant professor, UNC Chapel Hill
Virtual only

March 10
No meeting

March 17
No meeting

March 24
Graduate student check-in and social

March 31
Na Zhang, assistant professor of human development and family studies, University of Connecticut
Virtual only

April 7
Maddie Quam, DEV grad student

April 14
Nina Schoener, DEV Lab Manager, and Bethany Stoddard, DEV Lab Manager, University of Connecticut

April 21
Dr. Carrie Larson, postdoctoral fellow, University of Connecticut

April 28
End of semester gathering

Fall 2022

Sept. 30
Dr. Rick Ahl, Post doc, Boston College
Having less and wanting more: Children’s intuitive theories of resource acquisition and distribution.

Oct. 7
Student and RA social hour and check-in

Oct. 4
Dr. Meghan George, Post doc, Northwestern University
Implicit bias and racial socialization in childhood

Oct. 21
Augusto Buchweitz, Associate Professor, University of Connecticut, Stamford
Brain imaging of underrepresented children: Developmental dyslexia, early literacy and adverse environment effects on brain function

Oct. 28
Kelsey Davinson, DEV grad student

Nov. 4
Student and RA social hour

Nov. 11
Cynthia Boo, DEV grad student

Nov. 8
No meeting

Nov. 15
No meeting

Dec. 2
Amanda Fording, DEV grad student

Sign language interpreting will be provided for these talks. To request this service, please contact or at least 72 hours before the event.

Social Psychology Speaker Series

All events take place:

2:00-3:15 p.m.
Bousfield Psychology Building, Room 162 (unless otherwise noted)

Webex link for online talks

Organizers: Emma Wedell and Professor Felicia Pratto.

Spring 2023

Jan. 18
Welcome back social!

Jan. 25
Prof. Keith Watts, University of Kentucky, LGBTQ+ mental health & well-being: The intersections of identity and belongingness

Feb. 1
Faculty (only) meeting: Graduate student evaluations

Feb. 8
Prof. Eugene Borgida, University of Minnesota, Perceiving the gendered status quo: The (surprising) influence of Separate Spheres Ideology

Feb. 15
Online Jack Bobo, Director of Global Food and Water Policy, The Nature Conservancy, Title TBA

Feb. 22
No meeting because of SPSP conference

March 1
Noon Online
Prof. Gregg Sparkman, Boston College, Perceiving and Misperceiving Social Reality

March 8
Prof. India R. Johnson, Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis, Exploring the efficacy of (in)congruent cues among singularly and multiply minoritized persons

March 15
No Meeting: Enjoy spring break!

March 22
Prof. Suparna Rajaram, Stony Brook University, Remembering with Others: How Social Remembering Changes individual and Collective Memories

March 29
Prof. Courtney Bonam, University of California at Santa Cruz, Title TBA

April 5
Research presentation by Duc Pham, followed by faculty meeting

April 12
Prof. April Bailey, University of New Hampshire, Language reflects and reinforces gender bias and other group-based biases

April 19
Research presentations by first-year PhD students

April 26
Research presentations by first-year PhD students

May 3
Faculty Meeting: Spring evaluations of PhD students

Fall 2022
Organizers: Christine Curley and Professor Felicia Pratto.

Aug. 31
Orientation for new Ph.D. students (only) with area head

Sept. 7
Faculty (and student representative) meeting

Sept. 14
Hilary Kraus, UConn Library, "Designing Effective Systematic Searches: Tips and Strategies for Faculty and Students"

Sept. 21
Dr. Chen Li, UConn social, "Cultural Relativism of Inequality"

Sept. 28
Professor Blair T. Johnson and Professor Seth Kalichman, UConn social, "Submitting Manuscripts: A View from the Editor’s Desk"

Oct. 5
Faculty (and student representative) meeting

Oct. 12
Kay Gruder, Center for Career Development, "What is new in professional job searches"

Oct. 19 ** 12:15 p.m. in Oak Hall, Room 408**
Professor Alex Theodoritis, U Mass Amherst, "Moral Reasoning and the Microfoundation of Partisan Violence"

Oct. 26
Christine M. Curley, UConn social

Nov. 2
Faculty (and student representative) meeting

Nov. 9
Daphne Castro Lingl, UConn social

Nov. 16
Shu Jiang, UConn social

Nov. 23
Thanksgiving Break - No Meeting

Nov. 30
Professor Kenneth Perez, UConn Avery Point, "A Meta-Analysis of Experimental Elicitations of Awe"

Dec. 7
Faculty (and student representative) meeting

Spring 2022

Jan. 19
No meeting (except new student with Professor Nairan Ramirez-Esparza)

Jan. 26
Social faculty meeting without student representative

Feb. 2
Social faculty meeting with student representative

Feb. 9
Baris Sevi, UConn social program
*Virtual via Zoom

Feb. 16
No brown bag because of SPSP conference

Feb. 23
André L.L.F. Sales, Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo
*Virtual via Zoom

March 2
Social faculty meeting with student representative

March 9
Cassidy Burt, UConn social program,

March 16
No brown bag SPRING BREAK!

March 23
Shu Jiang (UConn social program) Format TBD

March 30
Jolaade Kalinowski (UConn, HDFS) Format TBD

April 6
Social faculty meeting with student representative

April 13
Leigh Wilton (Skidmore College) Virtual via Zoom

April 20
Alexa Ott, Merrisa Lin, & Lisset Martinez-Berman (UConn social program) Format TBD

April 27
Emma Wedell & Duc Pham (UConn social program) Format TBD

Fall 2021

Sept. 1
New student welcome with Dr. Nairan Ramirez-Esparza

Sept. 15
Welcome/Welcome back social area gathering — outside

Sept. 22
Ryan Lei, Haverford via zoom

Sept. 29
Talbot Andrews, UConn Political Science In Person BOUS 162

Oct. 6
Social faculty + grad. rep. meeting

Oct. 13
Katie Thorson, Barnard College In Person BOUS 162

Oct. 20
Morgan Jerald, Macalester College via zoom

Oct. 27
Christine Curley, UConn social In Person BOUS 162

Nov. 3
Social faculty + grad. rep. meeting

Nov. 10
Thekla Morgenroth, University of Exeter via zoom

Nov. 17
Nicholas Alt, CSU Long Beach via zoom

Nov. 24
HOLIDAY — no meeting

Dec. 1
Social faculty + grad. rep. meeting

Dec. 8
Julian Rucker, UNC Chapel Hill via zoom