Undergraduate Advising

The mission of the Psychological Sciences Undergraduate Advising Office is to provide accurate and individualized academic planning and support, in an inclusive and welcoming environment. 

With emphasis on holistic development, we utilize academic advising as a platform to promote academic responsibility and ownership, cultivate independent and confident thinking, and provide opportunities for students to learn, grown and thrive.

As part of the CLAS Academic Services Center, our office can support you so that you can make informed decisions about your academic career. We can also connect you with opportunities to get involved and develop professionally so that you can make the most of your time at UConn.

Undergrad Advising Fall 2023-Spring 2024 Office Schedule

Drop Ins

The Psychological Sciences Undergraduate Advising Office is located in BOUS 100B and is operating on a hybrid work schedule.  Students can stop by the office anytime during the below hours.

Monday through Thursday - In Person
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Bousfield Psychology Building, Room 100B

Friday - Hybrid
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. - in person
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. - virtual
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Students can make an advising appointment with their assigned academic advisor on Nexus.

To accommodate as many students as possible during the busiest times of the semester, there will be NO appointments in during the dates listed below, only extended drop-ins.  Advisors are readily availably during these times, students can simply drop by the office.

  • Extended Drop-Ins Only - No Appointments
    • Fall 2023:
      • Add/Drop: Monday, August 28 - Monday, September 11
      • Enrollment & W, P/F: Monday, October 23 - Monday, November 13
    • Spring 2024:
      • Add/Drop: Monday, January 16 - Monday, January 29
      • Enrollment & W, P/F: Monday, March 18 - Monday, April 8

Meet Your Advisors

Staff Advisors

All psychological sciences majors are assigned to a staff advisor from the Undergraduate Advising Office.

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Faculty Advisors

Students with specific career or academic goals who would like a faculty advisor may request one at any time by filling out the Faculty Advisor Request Form. Honors students should request a faculty advisor within their first year of study.

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Peer Advisors

We also offer peer advisors that can help students navigate degree requirements, explore courses, and discuss personal experiences as a psychological sciences major.  Peer advisors are hand selected, highly trained, upper-class Psychological Sciences majors who are eager and excited to work with Psych students.

Regional Campus Advising

The Psychological Sciences Undergraduate Advising Office web pages are designed specifically for Storrs campus students. All event and policy information is Storrs specific, however, the major requirements do apply to the regional campuses. Students at a regional campus should reach out to the following advisors at their respective campus for more information.

Avery Point

Jamie Kleinman

Regional Campus Advisor


Phone: 860-405-9216

Office: Academic Building 30


Kerry Marsh

Regional Campus Advisor (juniors and seniors only)


Phone: 959-200-3797

Office: HTB 521


Matthew Heinly

Regional Campus Advisor (juniors and seniors only)



Note: The regional campus advisor is only available during fall and spring semesters.

First year, sophomore, new students, and transfer students should reach out to the UConn Hartford Academic Advising Office to make an appointment with an advisor.


Megan Lucia

Regional Campus Advisor


Make an appointment via Nexus


Waterbury students can schedule an appointment with a psychological sciences faculty member for advising via Nexus. Note: Faculty advisors are only available during fall and spring semesters.

Robert Astur

Regional Campus Advisor


Phone: 203-236-9938

Office: WTBY 339

Kimberly Cuevas

Regional Campus Advisor


Office: WTBY 338

Kimberli Treadwell

Regional Campus Advisor


Phone: 203-236-9849

Office: WTBY 340

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my advisor?

All psychological sciences majors are assigned to a staff advisor. Find step-by-step instructions on how to view your advisor in Student Administration.

When can I see my advisor?

Students can stop by the Psych office anytime!

In person drop-ins are available Monday-Thursday from 9am-4pm.  Virtual drop-ins are available on Fridays from 2pm-4pm.  Students do not need to notify their advisor if they plan to attend drop-ins, but they are welcome to do so as well.

Students who wish to make an appointment with their assigned academic advisor, can do so on Nexus.  Appointments will not be held during busy times of the semester (add/drop, enrollment), so that advisors can accommodate as many students as possible.  Instead, advisors will be readily available during extended drop-ins during these times.

What is the difference between drop-ins and appointments?

A drop-in is considered when a student stops by the office with a quick question.  Drop-ins are limited to 10-15 minutes, where students can get clarity on requirements, double majors/minors, education abroad, internships, academic success, and more.  Students who drop-in may work with a peer advisor or academic advisor.

An appointment is scheduled ahead of time on Nexus.  Appointments are 20-30 minutes in length and will cover a student's academic requirements, progress, and graduation plan in depth.  Career goals, internships, and next steps will also be discussed.

What are my responsibilities as an advisee?

While advisors are here to help and support students, it is ultimately up to the students to ensure that all requirements are met. Remember that you are responsible for:

  • Contacting your advisor for help or assistance. This can be done via phone, email, drop-in hours, or by making an appointment.
  • Keeping track of and satisfying all University, CLAS, and major requirements using the Advisement Report in Student Admin.

What can a staff advisor help me with?

  • The psychological sciences degree and track that's best for you
  • The progress of satisfying all major requirements
  • Course planning
  • Potential double majors or minors (however, specific info for that other major/minor will come from that department).
  • Exploring the major and types of careers (mentoring for academic and career goals)
  • Internships and research
  • Post-graduation plans, including graduate schools and next steps
  • Signing off on any department forms (ex: double major/dual degree, independent study, late add, withdrawal, etc.)
  • Ways to be successful in psychological sciences, especially if you are on academic probation
  • Referrals to other resources on campus

What can a faculty advisor help me with?

  • Discussing getting involved in research on campus.
  • Exploring careers in the psychological sciences, particularly those inside their specific disciplines.
  • Finding relevant internships
  • Discussing post-graduation plans, including graduate school
  • Potentially being a source for a letter of recommendation

What can a peer advisor help me with?

  • Reviewing the psychological sciences major requirements
  • Reviewing the General Education requirements
  • Exploring psychological sciences as a major
  • Reviewing the Advisement Report and Audit Worksheet
  • Exploring courses – both gen ed and major
  • Discussing the different PSYC degrees and tracks
  • Discussing strategies for success in courses
  • Discussing ways to find and explore careers, internships, and research opportunities
  • Discussing personal experiences as a PSYC major

If it snows, will there still be drop ins or appointments?

In the event of inclement weather, such as a snow day, all in person drop ins and appointments will be cancelled.  Students who have an appointment on a snow day will be emailed to re-schedule their appointment.