Undergraduate Events

Spring 2023 List of Events

Friday, 2/3 - Exploring Careers in Psych
2pm - 3pm, Virtual, Sign up here

Friday 2/24 - Grad School Prep
1pm - 2pm, Virtual, Sign up here

Monday, 3/6 - Forensic Psych Info Session
3pm - 4pm, Virtual, Sign up here

Friday, 4/21 - Clinical Psychology Info Session
1:30pm - 2:30pm, Virtual, Sign up here

Friday, 4/28 - Grad School Prep
3pm - 4pm, Virtual, Sign up here


Mandatory Group Advising

All Psychological Sciences Majors are required to attend one Mandatory Group Advising Session per academic year. There will be a hold placed on student accounts that will prevent enrollment until student attends a session. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their laptops, as well as 2 different color highlighters to the group sessions.

Email undergradpsych@uconn.edu with any questions.

Fall Semester

  • New Students (campus change, transfers, new majors) & First Year Students (0-23 credits earned)
  • Seniors (86+ credits earned)

Spring Semester

  • Sophomores (24-53 credits earned)
  • Juniors (54-85 credits earned)

New Students – FALL 2022

Thank you for completing Fall 2022 New Student Group Advising!  The next group advising session you will be required to attend is typically Spring 2024.

If you have not yet completed Fall 2022 New Student Group Advising, please email your advisor ASAP!

Sophomores – SPRING 2023

Details coming soon - emails generally go out early February.

Steps for Students Planning to Graduate Spring 2025/Summer 2025

Juniors – SPRING 2023

Details coming soon - emails generally go out early February.

Steps for Students Planning to Graduate Spring 2024/Summer 2024

Seniors – FALL 2022

Thank you for completing Fall 2022 Senior Group Advising!

If you have not yet completed Fall 2022 Senior Group Advising, please email your advisor ASAP!


Current Semester

Grad School Prep

This workshop helps students work through a variety of aspects in regards to graduate school. Topics include:

  • Do I need to go to graduate school to pursue my chosen career path?
  • Types of graduate programs
  • Choosing a program that is best for you
  • Application process and timeline
  • Tips for being a competitive applicant

This workshop is great for students of all years, who are thinking about grad school in the future.

Can't make this session or missed it? View the recording from Spring 2020.

Clinical Psychology/Counseling Info Session

This workshop will give students an understanding of what clinical psychology means and what is required for that field.  Information regarding counseling and the similarities and differences from clinical psychology will be provided.  This presentation is ideal for students who are interested in pursuing clinical/counseling fields after graduating.

Can't make it or missed it?  Watch the updated Fall 2022 recorded workshop.

Exploring Careers in Psychology

As a psychological sciences major, the world is your oyster when it comes to your future career.  But because psychology is so broad, it can be difficult to narrow down and explore your options. This workshop is designed to help students of all years navigate the career exploration process, in any field or major.

Missed the workshop?  You can find the recording here.  Password: Careerexploration

Previous Semesters

Careers in Forensic Psychology

Join us to discuss careers inside the field of forensic psychology and how to prepare for them. Ideal for any student who is interested in the field of forensic psychology.

Missed this session or can't make it?  View the recording of this session from Fall 2020.

School Psychology Info Session

This session, led by Gina Norman (a UConn doctoral student specializing in school psychology), involved learning about a career in improving the lives and learning of children and youth.

Can't make this session or missed it?  View the recording from Spring 2022.

Ed Abroad for Psychological Sciences Majors

Psychological Sciences Majors: have you already  attended Ed Abroad 101? If so, join your academic advisors and your ed abroad advisor for a session focused on program selection, developing your goals for participation and taking the next steps in the process. Program options for your major will be highlighted and a panel of student alum will provide insights from their own experiences.

This session will go beyond the basics of Ed Abroad outlined in the Ed Abroad 101 session.  It is for that reason, that students must attend an Ed Abroad 101 session, prior to attending this session.  More info on Ed Abroad 101, including the session days/times, can be found here.

Psychological Sciences Career Series

Fall 2022 Career Series

Coming Soon!

Fall 2020 Career Series

Missed any of our Fall 2020 Career Series events? We recorded them! See below for more information.

Monday, 11/9 - Counseling Graduate School Panel
Panelists: Katharine Ustorf, Lexi Arcomano, Clare Collins

Tuesday, 11/10 - Entry Level Panel
Panelists: Polly Smith, Kristen Barbaris, Kalin Naidoo

Wednesday, 11/11 - Behavior Analyst Panel
Panelists: Amie Hahn, Chelsea Duarte, Katharine Reising

Thursday, 11/12 - Sports Psychology Panel
Panelists: Gary Bennett, Lauren Keller, Judy Van Raatle, Nick Connell, Rachel Webb