Funding and Support

Students and applicants can apply for two categories of financial aid to help cover the cost of their graduate education. One type is based on academic merit, and the other is based on student financial need. Students can receive multiple types of aid at the same time.

Academic Awards

The following graduate funding sources do not require proof of financial need. Note eligibility and nomination processes vary across items.

Graduate Assistantships (Teaching or Research)

Open to incoming and current graduate students

Most psychological sciences Ph.D. students are granted a graduate assistantship that includes a tuition waiver and a stipend. Graduate assistants are still responsible for paying University fees. Funding offers are made when students are admitted to the Ph.D. program. Assistantships (teaching or research) are not based on financial need and are typically determined by the faculty member admitting the student.

Graduate Assistantships can be for as much as 20 hours per week and as few as 10 hours per week, with pay adjusted accordingly. A graduate student is permitted to work more than 20 hours per week only with the approval of the student’s Advisory Committee and the permission of the Dean of the Graduate School.

Each assistantship includes a full waiver of tuition (but not fees) and the opportunity to purchase highly subsidized medical and dental insurance. Since a Graduate Assistantship involves work for hire, the stipend is subject to U.S. taxes. There are three rates of pay for Graduate Assistant positions, varying by experience and the student’s degree program. The levels of pay are published each year on the Payroll Department’s Graduate Assistant Resources webpage. Graduate Assistant positions are governed by a collective bargaining agreement between the University of Connecticut and the Graduate Employee Union.

Per University policy, all Teaching Assistants must present certification of English proficiency in order to qualify for an unrestricted appointment as a Graduate Teaching Assistant with classroom instructional contact.

Graduate School Predoctoral Fellowships

Predoctoral Fellowships are awarded to doctoral students on the recommendation of the graduate faculty in their program. Award amounts vary considerably. Predoctoral Fellowships carry no service (teaching or research) commitment. Students must be a regular (not provisional) full-time doctoral student to be eligible for these fellowships. Funds are provided to the academic department by the Graduate School. In the Department of Psychological Sciences, the Program Head for each program then determines the awards for students in their program.

Graduate School Internal Fellowship Awards

Open to incoming graduate students only.

The Jorgensen Fellowship, Crandall Fellowship, and the Harriott Fellowship are available to outstanding young scholars who have been admitted to graduate programs at the University of Connecticut. In addition, to be eligible for the Harriott Fellowship, applicants must demonstrate a commitment to enhancing diversity in higher education and/or a commitment to enhancing diversity in their field of study.

Learn more about the Jorgensen, Crandall, and Harriott Fellowships on the Graduate School’s website.

CLAS Strategic Priority Assistantships (Fall 2024)

Open to incoming graduate students only.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Connecticut seeks to recruit students into our Ph.D. programs who will simultaneously advance our priorities of top-quality research along with diversity and inclusion. These individuals should possess a record of significant research experience for their career stage and have demonstrated a strong commitment to redressing the historical marginalization of people of color and under-representation of various groups in the academy. These graduate assistantships provide five years of support during the academic year, with no teaching requirement during year one.

Note: No special application is required, admitted students are nominated by their faculty advisor.

Summer Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships

Open to current graduate students

Summer Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships are awarded by the Graduate School to support the successful completion of the dissertation. Fellowship holders are normally required to remain on campus while they hold the fellowship and they must be making progress toward their degree. However, they may be allowed to be elsewhere if the Major Advisor attests that they can make better progress by being elsewhere.

Learn more about Summer Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships on the Graduate School’s website.

Travel and Workshop Funding

Psychology Ph.D. students may also apply for the following opportunities:

Financial Awards

The following types of aid require that the applicant complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Anyone who believes he or she qualifies should apply. The application deadline for continuing graduate students is March 1 each year; newly admitted students must apply by May 1 or by the date of their admission.

Forms of aid provided under this category include:

  • Federal Work Study
  • Federal Direct Stafford Loans
  • Federal Direct PLUS Loans
  • UConn Tuition Remission Grants

Learn more on the Office of Student Financial Aid Services website.

External Graduate Funding Opportunities

The Department collects external funding opportunities open to graduate students and periodically posts them to the website.

More Funding Resources

Department Awards

The Department of Psychological Sciences offers scholarships and awards graduate students. They are typically granted once per year based on faculty recommendations or student applications.

Training Programs

Graduate students in the Department of Psychological Sciences can participate in interdisciplinary training programs, designed to provide training, support, and community around specialized topics.

The Graduate School

The Graduate School maintains a list of external funding opportunities on their website.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Search for fellowship opportunities for graduate students on the CLAS website.

Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships

Get assistance with finding external funding sources and the application processes.