Resources for Current Students

Ph.D. Concentration in Clinical Psychology

Below are resources that will help you navigate your journey toward the Ph.D. concentration in clinical psychology.

Clinical Psychology Handbook

The Clinical Psychology Handbook is designed to facilitate your progress through the clinical psychology concentration. It is a mixture of official policies, recommendations for making your life easier, and the accumulated wisdom of your peers and faculty mentors.

The handbook supplements (but does not replace) other important published material that appears in the current editions of the Graduate School Catalog, policies and forms for the Department of Psychological Sciences, and the Policies and Procedures Manual of the Psychological Services Clinic. The Clinical Psychology Handbook periodically references relevant portions of these sources, but you should become familiar with them to facilitate your progress through the concentration.

One of your first tasks as a graduate student is to review the contents of this handbook. With the Graduate School Catalog, we urge you to become familiar with all current degree requirements as well as with revisions of those policies.

Download the Clinical Psychology Handbook or read as downloadable appendices.