Steven Mellor

Associate Professor

Psychological Sciences


Ph.D., Wayne State University

Research Interests

Current Research Interests

  • Union-management psychology
  • Self-evaluation in the workplace

Other Areas of Expertise

  • Work Motivation
  • Survey Research
  • Field Methods


Undergraduate Courses

  • PSYC 2100WQ: Principles of Research in Psychology

Graduate Courses

  • PSYC 5613: Organizational Psychology
  • PSYC 5611: Work Motivation

Recent Publications

Mellor, S., & Elliott, R. (2023/online first article). Nonunion supervisors’ humility at work and union intolerance: An exploratory study centered on one hypothesis. Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal.

Mellor, S. (2023/online first article). Unlocking local union meeting attendance for employees identified by gender, minority status, and language of origin: Psychological safety and meeting effectiveness. Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal.

Mellor, S. (2023/online first article). Understanding the gap between union sentiment and union joining: A moderated mediated psychological model of willingness to join. Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal.

Mellor S. (2023). A cognitive dissonance field study of American public-sector fee-paying employees in relation to the Janus Decision. Current Psychology, 42, 24812-24821.

Mellor, S. (2023). Psychological safety at local union meetings: A key to unlock meeting attendance. Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, 35, 189-208.

Mellor, S. (2023). Intolerable vices: An empirical analysis of union intolerance in relation to willingness to join a union. Current Psychology, 42, 2031-2048.

Mellor S. (2022). A construct validity study for the union intolerance scale: Convergent-discriminant validity and concurrent criterion-related validity. Merits, 2, 210-223.

Noteworthy Publications

Mellor, S. (2019). Confidence at work and individualism-collectivism: An empirical demonstration of the distinctiveness of American union employees. Current Psychology, 38, 542-555.

Mellor, S., & Holzer, K. (2018). Humiliation at work and union interest: An empirical analysis of community union satisfaction as related to status enhancement. Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, 30, 99-118.

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Steven Mellor
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