Roslyn Holly Fitch


Psychological Sciences

Research Interests

Dr. Fitch’s studies rodent models of developmental disability and neonatal brain injury and developmental disability. He research interests also include:

  • Modulating effects of hormones and experience
  • Neuroprotection



Physiological Psychology (PYSC 2200)

Physio Psych Lab (PSYC 3251)


Neurodevelopment and Plasticity (PSYC 5150/COGS 5130)

Grant Writing (PSYC 5170)

Outreach K-8 (PSYC 5170)



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Honors and Awards

  • Finalist, CTC Women of Innovation, Academic Innovation; 2014.
  • CLAS Excellence in Teaching Award; 2012
  • National Dyslexia Research Foundation Award for Distinguished Young Researcher in Cognitive Neuroscience; 1993.
  • McDonnell-Pew Foundation, Cognitive Neuroscience Award; 1992.
  • Rita Rudel Memorial Foundation Award for Outstanding Young Scientist in Neuropsychology; 1990.
Roslyn Holly-Fitch
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