Rebecca Canale

Graduate Student

Psychological Sciences


Clinical Psychology


Inge-Marie Eigsti

Anticipated Graduation



B.S. Brain and Cognitive Sciences, University of Rochester, 2019

Research Interests

Autism spectrum disorder
Developmental mechanisms of attention and learning
Neural mechanisms of statistical learning and language learning


Cubit LS, Canale R, Handsman R, Kidd C, Bennetto L. Visual Attention Preference for Intermediate Predictability in Young Children. Child Dev. 2021 Mar;92(2):691-703. doi: 10.1111/cdev.13536. Epub 2021 Jan 8. PMID: 33417248; PMCID: PMC8012238.

McMurray B, Sarrett ME, Chiu S, Black A, Canale R, Wang A, Aslin, R. A paradigm for decoding the neural time-course of spoken word recognition from EEG. In prep.

Rebecca Canale
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