Mohammad Amin Saraei

Graduate Student

Psychological Sciences


Ecological Psychology


Dimitris Xygalatas

Anticipated Graduation



M.A. Clinical Psychology, Azard University, 2018
B.A. Psychology, Azad University, 2014

Research Interests

Cognitive science of rituals
Neuroscience of religious and spiritual experiences
Spiritual and religious psychotherapies
Positive psychology


Saraei, M., Newberg, A., Hosseini, R., Bayati, T., Batouli, A*. Comparing the three states of Dhikr, Meditation, and thinking about God: an fMRI study. (submitted)

Saraei, M. (2020) Surrender: an additional coping style. Medium

Alizadehfard, S., & Saraei, M. (2019). The Effectiveness of Time Perspective Change Training on Anxiety and Self-Efficacy in Children Labors. Contemporary Psychology, Biannual Journal of the Iranian Psychological Association, 14(1), 61-68.

Mohammad Amin Saraei
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