Maxim Volgushev


Psychological Sciences

Research Interests

  • Neurophysiology of the visual system
  • Signal processing in visual cortical neurons in vivo
  • Generation of action potentials and cell electrophysiology
  • Synaptic transmission in the neocortex
  • Plasticity of synaptic transmission



Mukovski M, Chauvette S, Timofeev I, Volgushev M – Detection of active and silent states in neocortical neurons from the field potential signal during slow wave sleep. – /Cerebral Cortex / 2007 17:400-414

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Vidyasagar TR, Pei X, Volgushev M – Multiple mechanisms underlying the orientation selectivity of visual cortical neurones – /Trends in Neurosciences/ 1996, 19:272-277

Maxim Volgushev
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