MaryKate Frisch

Graduate Student

Psychological Sciences


Clinical Psychology


Marianne Barton

Anticipated Graduation



BA, Psychology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Research Interests

Autism Spectrum Disorders and developmental disabilities
Early identification and intervention
Parent-mediated and community-based intervention


Turner-Brown, L. & Frisch, M. (in press). Understanding and treating restrictive and repetitive behaviors. In G. Vivanti, K. Bottema-Beutel, & L. Turner-Brown (Eds.). Clinical guide to early interventions for children with autism. Springer.

Wagner, L., Frisch, M., Turner-Brown, L., Andrews, S., Edwards, A., Moultrie, R., … Raspa, M. (in press). Preferences for the research use of electronic health records among young adults with fragile X syndrome or autism spectrum disorder. Disability and Health.

MaryKate Frisch
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