Kimberly Cuevas

Associate Professor

Psychological Sciences


Ph.D., 2009, Rutgers

Research Interests

Dr. Cuevas examines the development of basic and higher order cognitive skills from infancy through childhood with a focus on how brain maturation and underlying brain-behavior associations contribute to early cognitive processes. Her other interests include: 

  • Development of basic and higher-order cognitive processes
  • Developmental cognitive/social neuroscience
  • EEG
  • ECG
  • Neural mirroring systems
  • Latent learning



PSYC 2400 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 2500 Learning
PSYC 2501 Cognition
PSYC 3470 Current Topics in Developmental Psychology (Infancy, Cognitive Development)


PSYC 5450 Infancy & Early Experience



Cuevas, K., & Bell, M. A. (in press). EEG frequency development across infancy and childhood. In M. Bernat., P. Gable, & M. Miller (Eds.), Oxford handbook of human EEG frequency analysis. Oxford.

Cuevas, K., & Davinson, K. (in press). Infant memory. In M. Courage & N. Cowan (Eds.), The development of memory in infancy and childhood. Routledge.

Bryant, L. J., & Cuevas, K. (2022). The effects of reward on children’s Stroop performance: Interactions with temperament. Child Development, 93, e17-e31.

Rajan, V., Cuevas, K., & Bell, M. A. (2021). Memory binding and theta EEG during middle childhood. Developmental Psychobiology, 63, e22124.

Cuevas, K., & Rajan, V. (2020). Early memory development. In M. Harris & G. Westermann (Eds.), Cognition. Vol. 3 of The encyclopedia of child and adolescent development, 10 vols. (S. Hupp & J. Jewell Eds.). Wiley-Blackwell.


Bryant, L. J., & Cuevas, K. (2019). Effects of active and observational experience on EEG activity during early childhood. Psychophysiology, 56, e13360.

Cuevas, K. & Sheya, A. (2019). Ontogenesis of learning and memory: Biopsychosocial and dynamical systems perspectives. Developmental Psychobiology, 61, 402-415.

Cuevas, K., Rajan, V., Morasch, K. C., & Bell, M. A. (2015). Episodic memory and future thinking during early childhood: Linking the past and future. Developmental Psychobiology, 57, 552-565.

Cuevas, K., & Bell, M. A. (2014). Infant attention and early childhood executive function. Child Development, 85, 397-404.

Cuevas, K., Cannon, E. N., Yoo, K., & Fox, N. A. (2014). The infant EEG mu rhythm: Methodological considerations and best practices. Developmental Review, 34, 26-43.

Research Funding

5/2018-6/2022 Research Excellence Program, University of Connecticut, A Longitudinal Analysis of the Neural Basis of Social Information Processing during Infancy and Early Childhood, PI

4/2015-3/2018 NIH/NICHD-R03HD081333 EEG Mu Rhythm Analysis of Infant Social Information Processing, PI

5/2014-4/2017 NIH/NIDCD-R15DC013864 Neurobiological Signatures of Perception and Imitation of AV Speech in Children with ASD, Co-investigator (PI: Julia Irwin, Southern Connecticut State University)

Honors and Awards

2020 Fellow, Eastern Psychological Association (elected)

2015 Early Career Outstanding Paper Award American Psychological Association (APA), Division 7

2015 Kucharski Young Investigator Award International Society for Developmental Psychobiology (ISDP)

2005  Sandra G. Weiner Developmental Psychobiology Student Investigator Award, ISDP

2002  National Psi Chi Undergraduate Allyn & Bacon Research Award, First Place

Kimberly Cuevas
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Mailing AddressUnit 1020
Office LocationBOUS 173; WTBY 338
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