Kerry Marsh


Psychological Sciences


Research Interests

  • Immersive virtual reality methods (applications to interpersonal and environmental risk)
  • Ecological and dynamical approaches to environmental psychology
  • Motivational influences on persuasion, social cognition, and behavior
  • Implicit attitudes and HIV risk behavior
  • Social affordances and interpersonal coordination of movement

Research Synopsis

Studies motivational and affective processes in persuasion (attitude functions; implicit attitudes and HIV risk); social affordances and interpersonal synchrony; motivational influences on social cognition, action, and outcomes; meta-analysis of socio-behavioral HIV interventions; individual differences in control needs.

Recent News

  • Appointed Program Director, Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences (BCS) program, National Science Foundation (NSF), Washington DC, August 2014-July 2016.
  • Awarded NSF grant, Building Emergency Evacuation
  • Awarded NIH grant, Implicit Attitudes and HIV Risk in Virtual Environments



Publications since 2010, indexed on Google Scholar


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