Katherine McManus

Graduate Student

Psychological Sciences


Clinical Psychology


Amy Gorin

Anticipated Graduation



M.A. Psychology, American University, 2021
M.A. Sport & Performance Psychology, University of Denver, 2019
B.A. Psychology, University of Notre Dame, 2016

Research Interests

Eating disorders, weight management, physical activity, and obesity
Body image, weight stigma, and excessive exercise
Health psychology
Primary and secondary prevention & intervention


McManus, K. E., Bertrand, A., Snelling, A. M., Cotter, E. W. (2021). In their own words: Parents and key informants’ views on nutrition
education and family health behaviors. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Under Review.

Pettit, E. M., McManus, K. E., Kuttamperoor, J., Kubal, N., Pines, C., & Cotter, E. W. (2021). Health and eating outcomes in adolescent mindfulness based interventions: A systematic review. Journal of Adolescent Health. Under Review

Farmer, N., Cotter, E. W., McManus, K. M. Cooking and well-being: A meta-synthesis of the literature. In prep.

Katherine McManus
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