Katherine Gnall

Graduate Student

Psychological Sciences


Clinical Psychology


Crystal Park

Anticipated Graduation



B.A. Psychology; University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2017

Research Interests

Mindfulness, mind-body, and compassion-based approaches to stress and trauma
Health behavior change
Complementary and integrative medicine


Gnall, K. E. & Taft, C.T. (2018, July). Intimate partner conflict, emotions, and health. Poster presented at the International Family Violence and Child Victimization Conference, Portsmouth, NH.

Gnall, K.E. & Taft, C.T. (2018, May). Relationship-specific cognitions and physical health. Poster presented at VA Research Week, Boston, MA.

Coyne, A. E., Constantino, M. J., Gomez Penedo, J. M., Gnall, K. E., Ravitz, P., & McBride, C. (2018). Relation of patient and therapist interpersonal impact messages to outcome in interpersonal therapy for depression. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 28(4), 475.

Katherine Gnall
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