Jerin Lee

Graduate Student

Psychological Sciences


Clinical Psychology


Dean Cruess and Natalie Shook

Anticipated Graduation



M.S. Psychology, West Virginia University, 2019
M.S. Psychology, University of Michigan, 2018
B.A. Psychology, University of Michigan, 2017

Research Interests

Psychological and social processes that motivate changes in social cognition and health.
Relations between sexual assault victimization, pain, PTSD, depression, anxiety; links between mindfulness and psychological/physical health.


Lee, J., Weiss, A., Ford, C. G., Conyers, D., & Shook, N. J. (2022). The indirect effect of trait mindfulness on life satisfaction through self-esteem and perceived stress. Current Psychology.

Lee, J., Ford, C. G., McCluskey, D. L., Hopkins, P. D., McNeil, D. W., & Shook, N. J. (2021). Testing the effectiveness of Brief Behavioral Activation Treatment for Depression – Revised: Changes in depression, anxiety, dysfunctional attitudes, and mindfulness. Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment.

Haliwa, I., Wilson, J., Lee, J., & Shook, N. J. (2021). Predictors of change in mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Affective Disorders, 291, 331-337.

Chang, E. C., Lee, J., Morris, L. E., Lucas, A. G., Chang, O. D., & Hirsch, J. K. (2020). A preliminary examination of negative life events and sexual assault victimization as predictors of psychological functioning in female college students: Is one more important than the other? Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 35, 5085-5106.

Haliwa, I., Lee, J., Wilson, J. M., & Shook, N. J. (2020). Mindfulness and engagement in COVID-19 preventive behavior. Preventive Medicine Reports, 20, 101246.

Wilson, J. M., Lee, J., & Shook, N. J. (2020). COVID-19 worries and mental health: The moderating effect of age. Aging and Mental Health, 25, 1289-1296.

Wilson, J. M., Lee, J., Fitzgerald, H. N., Oosterhoff, B., Sevi, B., & Shook, N. J. (2020). Job insecurity and financial concern during the COVID-19 pandemic are associated with worse mental health. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 62, 686-691. doi:10.1097/JOM.0000000000001962

Lucas, A. G., Chang, E. C., Lee, J., & Hirsch, J. K. (2020). Positive expectancies for the future as potential protective factors of suicide risk in adults: Does optimism and hope predict suicidal behaviors in primary care patients? International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 18, 41-53.

Chang, E. C., Lee, J., Wright, K. M., Najarian, A. S.-M., Yu, T., Chang, O. D., & Hirsch, J. (2019). Examining sexual assault victimization and loneliness as risk factors associated with non-lethal self-harm behaviors in female college students: Is it important to control for concomitant suicidal behaviors (and vice versa)? Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 34, 4443-4458.

Jerin Lee
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