Holly Fitzgerald

Graduate Student

Psychological Sciences


Social Psychology


Natalie Shook and Felicia Pratto

Anticipated Graduation



B.A. Psychology & Women’s Studies; Old Dominion University; 2013
M.S. Clinical Psychology; West Virginia University; 2018

Research Interests

Prejudice toward racial and sexual minority groups
Minority stress & health outcomes
Prejudice reduction
Attitude change
Intersectional identities & unique experiences of prejudice
Disgust sensitivity’s influence on prejudice


Fitzgerald, H. N., McDonald, R., Thomas, R., & Shook, N. J. (2021). Disease avoidance: A predictor of sexist attitudes toward females [In press]. Current Psychology.

Shook, N. J., Fitzgerald, H. N., Boggs, S. T., Ford, C. G., Hopkins, P. D., & Silva, N. M. (2020). Sexism, racism, and nationalism: Factors associated with the 2016 US presidential election results?. Plos one, 15(3), e0229432.

Winstead, B. A., Lewis, R. J., Kelley, M. L. Mason, T. B., Calhoun, D. M., & Fitzgerald, H. N. (2017). Intervention for violence and aggression in gay and lesbian relationships. In P. Sturmey (Ed.), The Wiley handbook of violence and aggression.

Holly Fitzgerald
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