Alexandra Paxton

Assistant Professor

Psychological Sciences


Ph.D., Cognitive and Information Sciences, University of California, Merced (2015)

Lab Websites

Dyscord Lab

Research Interests

  • Communication and social interaction as a complex dynamical system (including movement, language, attention, and emotion)
  • Data-rich and dynamics-focused research methods and analyses
  • Naturally occurring datasets and “big data” for psychological theory-building
  • Ethics of human-derived data

Research Synopsis

My work focuses on improving our understanding of communication and interaction with a data-rich and complex-systems approach. I’m particularly interested in how context changes behavior.



  • PSYC 1100



Müller-Frommeyer, L. C., Kauffeld, S., & Paxton, A. (2020). Beyond consistency: Contextual dependency of language style in monolog and conversation. Cognitive Science, 44(4).

Pouw, W., Paxton, A., Harrison, S. J., & Dixon, J. A. (2020). Acoustic information about upper limb movement in voicing. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(21), 11364-11367.

Duran, N., Paxton, A., & Fusaroli, R. (2019). ALIGN: Analyzing Linguistic Interactions with Generalizable techniques. Psychological Methods, 24(4), 419-438.

Paxton, A., & Tullett, A. (2019). Open science in data-intensive psychology and cognitive science. Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 6(1), 47-55.


Paxton, A., & Dale, R. (2013). Argument disrupts interpersonal synchrony. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 66(11), 2092-2102.

Paxton, A., & Dale, R. (2017). Interpersonal movement coordination responds to high- and low-level conversational constraints. Frontiers in Psychology, 8, 1135.

Main, A., Paxton, A., & Dale, R. (2016). An exploratory analysis of dynamic emotion regulation between mothers and adolescents during conflict discussions. Emotion, 16(6), 913-928.

Paxton, A., & Griffiths, T. L. (2017). Finding the traces of behavior and cognition in big data and naturally occurring datasets. Behavior Research Methods, 49(5), 1630-1638.

Professional Activities

  • Academic editor, PLOS ONE
  • Handling editor, Cognitive Processing
  • Consulting editor, Behavior Research Methods
  • President, Society for Computation in Psychology
Alexandra Paxton
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