Alexandra Garr-Schultz

Assistant Professor

Psychological Sciences


Ph.D., 2020, Northwestern University

Research Interests

  • Identity
  • Self-definition
  • Experiences of Marginalization
  • Underrepresented groups
  • Multiple Identities
  • Authenticity Diversity and Inclusion
  • Equity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
  • Experimental, Qualitative and Longitudinal approaches


  • PSYC 1101 – General Psychology II
  • PSYC 1103 – General Psychology II, Enhanced
  • PSYC 5770- Self and Identity
  • PSYC 3889, 5800- Independent research



Visit Alexandra Garr-Schultz’s Google Scholar page for recent publicatons.


El-Hout, M.*, Garr-Schultz, A.*, & Cheryan, S., (2021). Beyond biology: The importance of cultural factors in explaining gender disparities in STEM preferences. European Journal of Personality, 35(1), 45-50.

Garr-Schultz, A., & Gardner, W. L. (2021). “It’s just a phase”: Identity denial experiences, self-concept clarity, and emotional well-being in bisexual individuals. Self and Identity, 20, 528-544.

Garr-Schultz, A., & Gardner, W. L. (2018). Strategic self-presentation of women in STEM.  Social Sciences 7(2)

Gardner, W. L., & Garr-Schultz, A. (2017). Understanding our groups, understanding ourselves: The importance of collective identity clarity and collective coherence to the self. Self-concept clarity, 19, 125-143.

Alexandra Garr-Schultz
Contact Information
Mailing AddressUnit 1020
Office LocationBousfield 165