Amanda Wedge – Enrolled in Applied Behavior Analysis BS

Amanda Wedge

Amanda graduated from UConn in the Spring of 2017, with a BA in Psychological Sciences, Standard Track, and a Neuroscience minor.

What are you doing now? Why did you choose to go into this field?

I’m in graduate school at the University of Saint Joseph studying towards my M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis. I chose this because I want to be a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst), and to do so you need a graduate degree. I want to be a BCBA because I love studying behavior; it is one of my favorite parts of psychology. Additionally, I truly just love school, I enjoy learning, and wanted to expand my knowledge.

What was your favorite psych course you took?

My favorite psych course was actually a lab course. I took animal behavior lab with Dr. Etan Markus, and I absolutely loved it. I have to admit I wasn’t very excited when I signed up, because I wasn’t sure I would be good at research, or even how much I really liked it. I ended up falling in love with the course, and learned so much.

What’s a piece of advice you would give to current students in our program?

My piece of advice would be to explore all of your options. There are so many different courses to take in the Psych department, take advantage of them. The same goes for all of the things at UConn, inside and outside of the Psych department. Step outside of your comfort zone and explore all UConn has to offer.